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HELICOIL® Plus installation mandrels with depth stop
Product type: 4160.25 | Thread type: Metric standard and fine thread | Diameter (d): M 8 | Pitch (P): 1,25 | Design: HELICOIL® Plus Free Running | Packingunit: 1 pcs.

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Item no.: 41602508020/10
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Typ 4160.25 Item no.: 41602508020/10
Type 4160.25 installation mandrel with depth stop to process HELICOIL® Plus Free Running coil thread inserts with fine or coarse thread.

Suited for:
• Type E-S 410 electrical installation tool
• Type B-S 824 cordless installation tool
• P-S 412 and P-S 1216 pneumatic installation tools

• With external hexagon as per DIN 3126 – E 6.3/DIN ISO 1173

These installation mandrels can also be used as manual installation mandrels.

HELICOIL® Plus Screwlock installation mandrels are marked with a ring groove on the guide shaft. HELICOIL® Plus Free Running installation mandrels have a smooth guide shaft.

technical details

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Design HELICOIL® Plus Free Running
Diameter (d) M 8
Pitch (P) 1,25
Product type 4160.25
Thread type Metric standard and fine thread


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